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flight tickets

You can book your flights through your travel agent or through the airline Finnair.

We recommend booking the following flights from Helsinki:


AY535  16:20 —> 17:45 (1:25 hours)


AY534  14:00 —> 15:20 (1:20h)

We provide an airport transfer for you at these arrival and departure times.



The capital of the province of Lapland (Lappi) is located in the Arctic Circle, approximately 800 km north of Helsinki. The airport is 7 minutes from Rovaniemi.

Population: approx. 63,000 (July 31, 2020)

Area: approx. 7,582 sq km

Northern lights (aurora borealis) can be observed whenever they occur, the sky is clear and the night is dark, especially in autumn and winter. 

Daily high and low values in ºC
January          -9.9               -20.0
February        -8.6               -18.4
March              -2.7                -14.2

Gut zu wissen

Good to know

Clothing for winter training and travel

Good winter clothing is very important for the Arctic Circle. Thermal underwear, hats, gloves for low temperatures and winter shoes are necessary.

We recommend warm winter clothing for the journey, as it can get as cold as minus 40 degrees. You can use normal, light, sporty winter clothes for driving training, as all vehicles are equipped with heating.

Equipment for the snowmobile safari

Equipment such as helmet, mask, suit, boots and gloves are provided by the snowmobile organizer.

Costs/additional costs

Food and alcohol are somewhat more expensive in Lapland/Finland than in Germany. But not as much as is often said.
Typical Lapland souvenirs are Sami handicrafts made of wood, bone or fur, the famous Finnish knife or various handicrafts made of precious metals or textiles.

This and that

The Finnish electricity network works on 220 volts, i.e. the sockets for electrical appliances are the same as those in Central Europe.
In Finland, smoking is absolutely prohibited in all public places, facilities and buildings. Restaurants offer non-smoking areas.
Lapland/Finland is on Eastern European time, i.e. the clock is one hour ahead.

It is not customary to give tips in restaurants, taxis and other services.
Common credit cards are accepted everywhere as a means of payment. You can easily withdraw money from ATMs using your EC card (Maestro).

Lapland/Finland is considered a safe travel destination.
Nevertheless, valuables, suitcases and bags should not be left lying around carelessly.



- The land of a thousand lakes -

The seventh largest country in Europe with just over five million inhabitants is characterized by slightly hilly, partly flat forest landscapes and an abundance of lakes. Only eight percent of Finland's total area is available to residents, the remaining 92% is forest and lakes.

Finland has been a member of the EU since 1995, and the euro has been the Finnish currency since 2002. Finnish and Swedish are the official national languages, and in some of the large centers you can also communicate in German without any problems.

Lapland – The land of the midnight sun

Lapland lies at the same latitude as Alaska and Siberia. The northern part of Finland is wide, harsh, impressive and sometimes frightening because of its immensity.

The winters are harsh, sometimes down to 40°C, the days are short and sometimes only flooded with brief sunshine.

Travel time / climate

The winter season has its first peaks during the Christmas holidays, but we prefer the period from the end of January to mid-March.
Lapland is guaranteed to have snow and the bitter cold is not felt as harshly as the air is dominated by extreme dryness.

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